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Q1 Review: Our Milestones, Challenges and Learnings

Every three months we plan to recap what milestones we have achieved, what challenges we have faced and what we have learned from the process. Enjoy and tell us what you think, we always appreciate feedback from our audience!


  • Getting Competitors Running Club (CRC) off the ground in the #DanceSport competitive off season.  Initiating the CRC on Saturdays marks a significant milestone for us, emphasising the power of collective effort. In this supportive and encouraging environment, we’ve discovered that tackling tricky tasks becomes markedly more manageable. Thanks again to those who joined and we always welcome others to come along!

  • Committing to weekly filming/editing/sharing our journey behind the scenes Embarking on a journey of transparency and connection, we’ve reached a significant milestone by committing to weekly filming, editing and sharing of our #BTS experiences with our growing audience. As we continue to document our journey, we look forward to deepening these connections and inspiring others to embrace their own adventures with courage and vulnerability. 


  • Finding Time vs Making Time.

Navigating the constant tug-of-war between finding time and making time has been challenging. Sometimes everything seems like a priority and sometimes the amount of work can be overwhelming, but taking a step back, writing it all out and starting to address one thing at a time has been super helpful. 

  • Stepping out of our comfort zone in content creation. 

Stepping beyond the cosy confines of posting photos and videos, we decided to put a voice behind our content. It was a daunting challenge laden with uncertainty and vulnerability. In saying that, we found ourselves really enjoying the process. Pushing past familiar boundaries demands courage and resilience, which has allowed us to embrace the raw authenticity of who we are. 


  • Unavoidable growing pains in content creation. You got to go slow to go fast.

A balance is needed between patience and ideas. Content creation is a journey where progress often requires gathering the necessary tools i.e. tripod, microphones, lighting etc and feedback. While short videos may promise quick engagement, there’s recognition that longer formats offer a deeper dive into more complex topics. Planning is everything.

The small things that we bought on #Amazon to help get us started:

  • Time management.

Carving out precious moments for essential tasks requires conscious effort and prioritisation. Working on our time management skills is something that needs constant re-evaluation. We can’t believe we are already in April, where has the time gone!? Is 2024 flying by or are we just doing a lot? Time will tell.

Keep chipping away a little each day and eventually it will amount to a hell of a lot. Keep going and thanks for tuning in, we do appreciate your time!

Andrew & Šarlote

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