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“Courage” dedicated to Abby Chamberlain

Our aim is to have Abby’s voice heard. “NOT RARE, JUST RARELY DIAGNOSED”.

A message from Abby:

“For anyone out there that woke up one day and had their life permanently flipped upside down. You are not alone, as someone who went from being a competitive ballroom dancer at 14 to needing a wheelchair at 16 to just go to the grocery store, I understand your pain, suffering, anger and fear.

I was constantly medically gaslighted by almost every doctor that saw me and I know this happens to so many others out there suffering Abdominal Vascular Compressions. Doctors would say that I “was faking it”, “it’s just anxiety”, “it’s in your head”, “you are doing it for attention”, “you are anorexic” they had no idea the pain I was suffering but because AVCS are very rare, the knowledge to diagnose is very hard. I know my body better than any medical professional and if my parents did not keep fighting for answers I do not want to think about where I would be right now.

I truly believe you have to fight hard to be heard as a teenage girl and that these horrible conditions are: NOT RARE, JUST RARELY DIAGNOSED! We have to make a change these conditions are real.”

Video created by and in collaboration with:

Direction: Melissa Thompson:

Prime 2 Perform

Videography & Cinematography: Jaylani Productions:

Dancers: Andrew Nolo & Šarlote Jakse

Venue supplier: Whitestone Events

Hair and Makeup: Gemma Millard

Dancewear: NY Fashion AU, Noblesse Dancewear

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